Customer Taste-imonials

Talking with your mouth full is a compliment for us! Check out what real customers have to say about our service, our abilities, and most of all—our food.

Chef Michael is a huge help. He meal preps for us for 5 days a week. As a new mom with

Andrea H.|Meal Prep

Testimonial Slider

Two column component with content on left and testimonal slider on right. Looks best when at least 4 testimonials are used

  • Max of 6 testimonials
  • Slide pulls in the excerpt from the Testimonal CPT
    • If a full testimonial is added then a "Read More" button is added below the excerpt in the slide and when clicked pop up containing the full testimonal appears.
  • Vertically stacked dots are used for navigating the slider instead of arrow buttons
  • Option to choose background color - cream or dark texture
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Intro Content testimonial_slider_content wysiwyg
Settings tab
Testimonials testimonial_slider_testimonials relationship Pulls in testimonials from the Testimonial CPT