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MyChef KC will prepare your food however you want it. Then we’ll package it as individual meals, so that you can enjoy them in the manner that best suits your needs, including freezing them for future use. Never too much, never too little—always just right.

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What to Expect

Our Process

Menu/Recipe Creation

A chef will come to your location and sit down with you to create a meal plan that addresses your nutritional needs, your budgetary goals, your lifestyle choices, and your favorite foods!

Ingredient Shopping

Once the meal plan is agreed upon, we’ll have an ingredient list of what you have on hand and what needs to be purchased. On cooking day, we’ll pick up the extras on the way to your kitchen.

Individual Prepared Meals

Kansas City, Leawood, Shawnee, Blue Springs—people all across the metroplex have meals prepared by personal chefs in their own kitchens, packaged however they need them.

Our Recipe for Success

It all starts with a MyChef KC consultation. This 1-on-1 allows your chef to get to know you, your kitchen, and the food you need and love.

About MyChef KC


Customized service built on personal relationships

Your diet and your food preferences are 100% under your control. We’ll offer healthful suggestions and flavor combinations, but you’re the one in charge, and what makes you happy makes us happy.

Flexible scheduling to facilitate your routine

We’re there when you need us—for the planning and for the cooking! Your schedule is our schedule, so we’ll find the perfect time to arrive, to cook, to clean up, and to make amazing meals for you.

Hand-picked chefs committed to delivering the best

All of our chefs are trained and certified, offering professional menu planning and food preparation that suits your needs. They’ll get to know you and those who’ll be enjoying the food in order to cook exactly what you like.

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Contact us today, and let's talk about how MyChef KC can provide prepared meals in Kansas City exactly how you like it!

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Meet the team that meets your foodie expectations! All of our chefs are certified in Kansas and/or Missouri as food handlers, or are graduates of the ServSafe Certification course for industry professionals.

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