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When is work not really work? It’s when you love what you’re doing! Working for MyChef KC involves your training as a chef, your understanding of nutritional values, and your joy seeing customers wowed by what you do and what they get to eat! If you’re a people-person who loves to cook, and you’ve got the training to prove it, let’s talk about your career move to MyChef KC!

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Our Delicious History

MyChef KC started as a single venture, featuring one personal chef serving a single client. Word of mouth(ful) spread, and now we’re poised to become KC’s premier in-home personal chef service.

The simple fact is that we love cooking. What makes our meal prep in Kansas City so satisfying—besides the delicious flavors and aromas—is cooking for people who need it. Busy families, empty nesters, athletes, and seniors—each has their own dietary needs. We love helping them eat well, eat right, and enjoy home cooking that they didn’t have to cook or clean!

Meal time is the right time for MyChef KC.

Everyone Deserves a Personal Chef

Today’s world is hectic. Our clients include people with long schedules and busy lives. They also include people who don’t like to cook. All of them deserve a chef who turns their kitchen from a duty to a pleasure.

At MyChef KC, our goal is to provide a chef-cooked meal for Kansas City area clients just the way they like it.

Our Process

Our Values

Working at MyChef KC delivers personal rewards that go beyond the restaurant kitchen. You’ll work directly with and for our clients, using all that you’ve learned to help them eat well, learn better cooking techniques, and—best of all—take great pleasure in your skills! Discover what it’s like to be appreciated with every dish you create.

About MyChef KC


The Best of the Best

You’ll work with a team of chefs who are committed to growing their skills, even as they share their expertise with our customers. All the chefs we employ are also thoroughly screened, background-checked, and vetted.

Personalized Service

Everything we do is 100% customizable based on our clients’ preferences, from the menu to ingredient shopping to the schedule for when we prepare it in their kitchen. Each day reveals a new challenge to excite your culinary skills.

Nutritional Excellence

You’ll design menus that will feed a busy family living a hectic life or clients looking to lose weight or achieve fitness/athletic goals. Your nutrition knowledge and cooking skills help them achieve delicious results.

Culinary Education

Every MyChef KC chef arrives at a client’s kitchen to cook amazing meals. You’ll engage with the client as they watch what you do, answering questions and helping them learn, grow, and enjoy your amazing meal creations.

Our Culture

The experience of having a personal chef is more than just eating delicious food. It’s a close relationship that proves to be invaluable to everyone involved. Every individual has certain preferences, likes and dislikes, and tendencies. We truly understand that and always personalize each meal based on those aspects to make each experience a memorable one.

Our team loves cooking. Even more so, we love cooking for people who need it. That’s why MyChef KC came to be: to share that joy with as many people as we possibly can.

What Makes a MyChef KC Job Cool?

Always New

The clients you work with will supply you with unique challenges and nutritional needs every day. From making down-home comfort foods to gourmet cuisine, teaching classes to cooking for events, you’ll never get bored in this chef position!

Skill Growth

Every new client is a mission of discovery. You’ll be able to apply your current skillset—and you’ll have fellow chefs and specific company training to help you grow your skillset to achieve new levels of culinary creativity.

Having Fun

For most of our clients, enjoying working with them is part of the job! You become a team, talking through menus, defining nutritional goals, and discovering new ways to turn their kitchen into the true (and delicious!) heart of their home.

Job Satisfaction

Our chefs achieve more, deliver more, and find that, at the end of the day, their clients love what they do! You’re not just a line cook. You are a chef, where every kitchen is your kitchen, and your skills are put to the test one fork at a time.

Say Hello to Your Fellow Chefs

Meet the team that meets foodie expectations all across the Kansas City area. These are the personal chefs creating breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and more for the clients who love the results!

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Check out our blog for recipes and cooking tips, real examples of what we’ve been creating for our clients, and more chef-selected tasty tidbits of savory kitchen savvy.


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