Welcome to MyChef!

It’s hard to believe that I’ve gotten to this point. What started as a single venture as a personal chef, with a single client, is now striving for the goal to become Kansas City’s premier in-home personal chef service.

I love cooking. Even more so, I love cooking for people who need it. I started this company to share that joy with as many people as I possibly can. At MyChef, we specializing in In-Home Weekly Meal Prepping for all sorts of clients. Whether you’re a busy family living a hectic life, to an individual trying to lose weight, fitness fanatics, or even simply just wanting great chef-cooked food in your own home, we’re here to deliver.

Everything we do is 100% customizable based off of YOUR preferences. We can come up with all of the menu, or let you tell us exactly what you’d like (though the best relationships are a little of both).

We will use the blog to share all sorts of things, from recipes & cooking tips, to real examples of what we’ve been cooking for our clients each week.

Pictured: A cooking class/demo I gave on Thai cuisine, after traveling there with my wife; Feb, 2020

If you’d like to learn more about our services, or perhaps give us a try, reach out at any time!

-Chef Adam

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