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We’ve cooked for many different diets throughout the years. Every year, there’s a new diet plan for weight loss or healthy eating. Your MyChef KC personal chef can offer you real world experience—what works or doesn’t work—learned from cooking for people who are dieting.

Your Chef Understands Your Diet


Dietary Meal Example: Ketogenic Diet

The general summary: high protein, high fat, very low carb, to achieve ketosis. This is the state where your body burns fat instead of carbs for energy. In our experience, it seems to work for clients.

Dietary Meal Example: Mediterranean Diet

One of the more exciting ones to cook for, as the ingredients are super versatile and delicious. You need to tolerate fish and shellfish for this diet to work. If not, then 75% of this diet will likely be vegetarian.

Dietary Meal Example: Vegetarian Diet

If you follow a vegetarian meal plan properly, your energy levels will increase overnight. You’ll rarely loosen the belt strap after a meal because you feel like you ate too much. Instead, you’ll feel satisfied.

What to Expect

Our Process

Step 1

It begins with your motivation. Whether it’s what you saw on the scale, in the mirror, in a documentary, or in your doctor’s exam room, your diet should help you turn that motivation into results.

Step 2

Meal prep is mandatory. Most restaurants do you more harm on a diet than good, so instead of eating out, you have to eat in. If you don’t have time, don’t worry—that’s where MyChef KC keeps you on track.

Step 3

As you stick to your diet plan, you don’t have to stick to the same meal over and over. Your personal chef can help you plan and prepare weekly menus that keep variety in your diet, so that you can keep it up.

Our Recipe for Success

It all starts with a MyChef KC consultation. This 1-on-1 allows your chef to get to know you, your kitchen, and the food you need and love.

About MyChef KC


Customized service built on personal relationships

We’ll offer healthful suggestions and flavor combinations, but you’re the one in charge, and what makes you happy makes us happy.

Flexible scheduling to facilitate your routine

Your schedule is our schedule, so we’ll find the perfect time to plan, shop, cook, clean up, and make amazing meals for you.

Hand-picked chefs committed to delivering the best

All of our chefs are trained and certified, offering professional menu planning and food preparation that suits your needs. They’ll get to know you and those who’ll be enjoying the food in order to cook exactly what you like.

Relax, Dinner's On Us

Contact us, and let's talk about how MyChef KC can be your meal prep service in Kansas City, for meals exactly how you like them!

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Meet the team that meets your foodie expectations! All of our chefs are certified in Kansas and/or Missouri as food handlers, or are graduates of the ServSafe Certification course for industry professionals.

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