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Achieving Goals With Your Meal Prep Chef in Kansas City

Feeding your family in the most palate-pleasing and nutritious way possible is your goal—and it’s ours too. Whether you’re busy parents, executives on the go, or seniors who could use a little help, MyChef KC is ready to help you enjoy meal time on time, any time.

Step 1

It all starts with the consultation. Your chef comes and meets with you, preferably in your home. You’ll iron out the administrative details, like the day/time of week your service will be, grocery store preference/budget, method of entry, etc. We’ll also do a walkthrough of your kitchen to familiarize your chef with your cooking equipment, layout, and any other information that will help with efficiency as well as menu planning.

Step 2

Your menu each week will be created based on the information given during the consultation. It will be communicated to you beforehand, either via email, text, or in person on the day of service. We keep track of everything we cook for clients so that you know what’s been done—and you can even re-order favorite meals your chef prepared before!

Step 3

On the day of service, your personal chef comes to your home to take inventory of your fridge and pantry, and then we go to the store and get anything needed. We return to your kitchen and prepare your week’s worth of food from scratch in a few short hours, following all safe food handling protocols.

Step 4

Your food is portioned based off of your preferences—single-serving for easy convenience, family style, or both. It’s quite convenient to have grab-and-go lunches and come home to family meals with the entire crew. A full cleanup and a small amount of paperwork invoicing follow. Otherwise, bon appetit!

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About MyChef KC

Our Recipe for Success

Simply put: we love cooking for people who need it! Whether you’re a busy family living a hectic life or an individual trying to lose weight, a fitness fanatic, or even someone who just wants great chef-cooked food in your own home, we’re here to deliver.



Customized service built on personal relationships

Your diet and your food preferences are 100% under your control. Your meal prep chef in Kansas City makes healthful and flavorful suggestions, but you’re the one in control, and what makes you happy makes us happy.

Flexible scheduling to facilitate your routine

We’re there when you need us, for the planning and for the cooking! Your schedule is our schedule, so we’ll find the perfect time to arrive, to cook, to clean up, and to make amazing meals for you.

Hand-picked chefs committed to delivering the best

All of our chefs are trained and certified, offering professional menu planning and food preparation that suits your needs. They’ll get to know you and those who’ll be enjoying the food in order to cook exactly what you like.

Customer Taste-imonials

Talking with your mouth full is a compliment for us! Check out what real customers have to say about our service, our abilities, and—most of all—our food.

Chef Michael is a huge help. He meal preps for us for 5 days a week. As a new mom with

Andrea H.|Meal Prep

MyChef KC is the best thing to happen to me and my family! They give us so many hours back each week because they do the meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking for

Julie B.|

Amazing Chefs! The food is better than the top restaurants in KC. We love being able to have a custom

Cami G.|

I wanted to gift my sister a cooking class but I live in KC and she lives in LA. Adam taught us both how to make Ramen.

Brian O.|

With possibly only the exception of meeting my wife and the birth of my 3 children, Chef Robert has become the most enriching addition to my life.

Kevin R.|

We hired MyChef KC to make our friends a New Year’s Eve dinner that we would not forget.

Jenni H.|

Relax, Dinner’s On Us

Contact us today, and let’s talk about how a meal prep chef in Kansas City from MyChef KC can prepare your meal exactly how you like it!

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At MyChef, our goal is to provide a chef-cooked meal just how you like it. Our personal chefs come from many professional cooking backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: the desire to cook delicious, nutritious, and satisfying food for people who need it.

All of our chefs are also trained regularly on safe food practices. Meet the culinary masters who are ready to make your kitchen the tastiest room in the house.

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Check out our blog for recipes and cooking tips, real examples of what we’ve been creating for our clients, and more chef-selected tasty tidbits of savory kitchen savvy.

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