Weekly Meal Prep: The Process and FAQs

The term “weekly meal prep” is very trendy and quite familiar. It has many meanings. Everyone has their own way of doing things, if they meal prep. But, what is the process like when you hire someone to meal prep for you? An explanation of MyChef’s process and what to expect:

The Consultation

If you’ve decided to try weekly meal prep service, it all starts with the consultation. Your chef comes and meets with you, preferably in your home. There’s time spent ironing out the administrative details: Day/Time of week your service will be, grocery store preference/budget, method of entry, etc…but the interesting part is the fun part. We spend as much time as necessary understanding what foods you like to eat, and just as importantly what you don’t like. Your favorite restaurants, cuisines, dishes, ingredients, etc. This is the time to outline any food allergies, or to let us know if you’re following any specific diet plans (Keto, Gluten/Dairy Free, Vegetarian/Vegan, Whole 30, Paleo, there’s nothing we don’t do within reason).

How many meals and portions will you need? Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner for all 7 days? Just lunches and dinners for the work week? Just dinners for the whole family Mon-Fri? Pre-Portioned or Family Style? Maybe a little of both? Everything is customizable.

The consultation ends with a walk through of your kitchen. This is for the chef’s benefit to familiarize themselves with your cooking equipment, layout, and other information that will help with efficiency as well as menu planning.

Your menu each week will be created based off the information given during the consultation. It will be communicated to you beforehand either via email, text, or in person the day of service. Whichever you prefer. We keep track of everything we cook for clients, you’ll have some favorite items your chef prepared that maybe you forgot, you’ll want repeats trust us.

Day of Service

Your chef will always come to your home first. They’ll write out the menu and make a shopping list. They take inventory of your fridge and pantry and mark off anything you already have. If you have anything in your fridge you’d like them to use up so you don’t throw away, just let us know. Likewise….if you have ingredients you want us to use when we plan our menus (many people have freezers with meat, gardens with veggies) we will.

They go to the store and get anything needed for the week’s menu and return back.

Step back and watch them go to work. Your week’s worth of food will be prepared from scratch in a few short hours. All of our chef’s are trained in safe food handling.

Your food will be portioned up based off your preferences. Pre-Portioned for easy convenience, or family style……or both. It’s quite convenient having grab and go lunches, and coming home to family meals with the entire crew.

A full clean up and small amount of paperwork invoicing follows. We leave an invoice and the grocery receipt. You’ll see the time they arrived, time they left, amount billed, written menu, and any notes. The entire process takes about 4 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

$44 an hour plus the cost of food. We do not front the cost of groceries, a form of payment needs to be supplied in the form of card or cash, whatever you’re most comfortable with.

What’s the total cost?

Every situation is slightly different….but for a family of 4, for most of your food for the week you can expect to pay around $300 total. Just 2 of you? That number comes down. Things to consider: different ingredients cost different prices….chicken & ground beef will be cheaper than shrimp & halibut. Keep that in mind when making requests. Also, the benefit of an hourly service is that if one week someone is out of town, or you have dinner arrangements already and don’t need as many meals, then your total will be less.

Do you do (fill in the blank) diet?

YES! We have tons of experience with diets….Diabetic, Keto, Organic, Vegetarian, Weight Loss, Heart Healthy, and can execute pretty much anything on this list. We can adapt to any diet and cook in any form or way…the benefit of having a personal chef!

Do you have contracts?

While we do have a contract outlining our service….we do not charge any sign up fees or charge you if you wish to end service. You can even take a week off if you’re on vacation or sick and we won’t charge you. We do ask for a 48 hours notice if at all possible for cancellations.

What areas do you service?

We cover the entire Kansas City Metropolitan Area. We have clients as far north as Parkville, Riverside, and North Kansas City, areas South such as Olathe, Overland Park, and Leawood, to Blue Springs and Grain Valley.

How do I sign up?

Fill out this form or contact us via phone or email: Adam@MyChefKC.com 913.634.6950