Healthy Snacks & Back to School

Back to school time has been an interesting challenge for everyone…..teachers, parents, and most certainly kids.

Some have been given the choice to go back either part of full time. Others have decided that school this year is all virtual. Whatever decision you have made for your family one thing remains true: a healthy diet is conducive to proper learning.

A recent article by the CDC details the correlation between health and academic achievement. It shows that healthy and well nourished children become stronger students and this, in turn equals stronger communities. So the question then is – what can you feed your students to help them focus and succeed?

At MyChef KC we’re here to help.

We cook for quite a few families and our focus is always to customize our meals to fit everyone’s needs….including children. An effective, healthy snack could be pre-portioned snack packs with fruit, crackers, and cheese. Maybe some low sugar homemade granola bars without all of the added preservatives for a mid-morning boost. People of all ages love a good baked treat, but what about homemade banana or blueberry muffins with some hidden veggies like grated zucchini or carrot that no one will notice? Delicious, exciting, and healthy!

Don’t forget about lunch time too. One of the popular items we’ve been seeing this semester has been salads. A fresh Cobb salad with bacon and egg is both familiar, comforting, and can be quite nourishing with homemade dressing. Other ideas: pesto zoodles with turkey meatballs (hello low carb!), turkey & cheese roll ups on whole grain tortillas, grilled sirloin with butternut squash….the options are endless. What do you like to eat for lunch?

Don’t let the burden of meal prepping effect your nutrition. Our goals are your goals. Let us help with providing the whole family healthy & nourishing food that isn’t the same-old boring stuff you might be used to. At the very least, your kiddos will thank you!

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