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Be Your Own Chef With Cooking Classes in Kansas City

Chefs have secrets. From that “extra something” that makes a recipe scrumptious, to time-saving techniques with common kitchen tools, they’ve learned from the best. Now you can learn from the chefs with our cooking classes and demos!

Learn to Cook Delicious Meals

Our Craft

Personal Classes

You may have always wanted to up your kitchen game. Or there’s a medical dietary regimen you need to know how to make. Or you want to learn the wonders of a wok! Learn from a chef to grow your knowledge.

Corporate Retreats

Sharing the cooking process is a great team-building event. Learn to organize, share, work as a team—and enjoy the taste of your efforts. It’s time to bond, and time to eat!


Bachelorette Parties

Get the girls together before her “big day” and whip up delish dishes with lots of love, laughter, flavor, and fun. Take a break from the planning, relax, and make great food together!


Children’s Occasions

It’s party fun where kids learn something—but don’t worry, we won’t tell them it’s educational. Make making food the life of the party. Who knows—you might end up with a new kitchen helper!


Backyard BBQs

We wouldn’t be real Kansas City chefs if we didn’t know the secrets to a great backyard BBQ. Our chef will teach your group how to thrill on the grill for custom tastes that are 100% smokin’!


What to Expect

Our chefs are skilled in a wide array of topics, from healthy eating and diets to special cuisines and cooking techniques. Whatever the case may be, having a chef come and instruct your group is always a hit!

Our Process

Class/Demo Consultation

Your chef will sit down with you 1-on-1 to plan your class/demo. We’ll go over all the details, check on food sensitivities, and custom-design a menu that teaches, entertains, and—best of all—tastes great!

Ingredient Shopping

Your chef will gather all the ingredients for your class/demo and bring them to your event site (your home kitchen, an event space with a kitchen, etc.). With the dishes and pans you provide, we’ll start your edible education.

Have Fun!

The best part of learning is having fun while you do it! Discovering new flavors or old flavors in new ways, how to prep for a great meal, the best techniques for perfect cooking—all with plenty of smiles and lots of “yum!”

Our Recipe for Success

It all starts with a MyChef KC consultation. This 1-on-1 allows your chef to get to know you, your cooking area, and plan a menu you and your guests will love to learn.



Customized service built on personal relationships

Having a personal chef is about more than just eating delicious food. It’s about creating a close relationship that proves to be invaluable for everyone involved.

Flexible scheduling to facilitate your routine

Not only do we prepare delicious food for your table, but we do it all on your timetable. From weekly prep to special events, we’ll be there when it’s the right time, every time.

Hand-picked chefs committed to delivering the best

We choose our chefs based on their skills in the kitchen and with our customers. Every chef is service-first, making sure your experience is personalized and perfect.

Relax, Dinner's On Us

Contact us today, and let's talk about how MyChef KC can provide meal prep in Kansas City exactly how you like it!

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Meet the team that meets your foodie expectations for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and more. These are the amazing foodsmiths who will teach you and your friends, coworkers, kids, and more about cooking amazing food. They’ll show you how to have the most fun you’ll ever eat!

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