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From Commercial Chefs to Personal Chefs

The team at MyChef KC brings professional backgrounds to work for you. Our Kansas City chefs have created delicious meals and menus for hotels, casinos, major restaurants, and more. 

Now, they have the freedom and joy to design personal menus and meals for great clients—like you!

Adam Glass


Korey Linder

Operations Manager

Kendra Murphy

Operations & Special Events Coordinator

Michael Pennington

Training & Development

Cortney Disbrow

Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

Our Culture

The Kansas City chefs at MyChef KC bring a more personal touch to in-home cooking. We focus on the relationships we build as a primary ingredient of what we do every day.

About MyChef KC


Personalized Service

Everything we do is 100% customizable based on your preferences, from the menu to the shopping to when we prepare it in your kitchen.

Nutritional Excellence

Feeding a busy family living a hectic life. Losing weight. Supporting fitness/athletic goals. You can meet nutritional requirements with great chef-cooked food in your own home.

Culinary Education

When our chef comes to your home kitchen to cook amazing meals, watch what they do. Ask questions. Learn and grow. Or schedule a cooking class. Your inner chef will thank you.

What We Do

Relax, Dinner’s On Us

Let’s talk about how the Kansas City chefs from MyChef KC can provide meal prep exactly how you like it!

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Does this sound like your kind of job?

We’re always on the lookout for talented chefs who enjoy meeting people, creating great food, and feeling satisfied with a job well done. As one of our Kansas City chefs, you can do what you do best—cook amazing food—for the best clients who appreciate what you do!

Apply today, and let’s get your career cooking.

Become a Chef

What to Expect

For the Kansas City chefs at MyChef KC, they’ve left the impersonal hustle/bustle of commercial life and now get to truly innovate in the kitchen for the best clients of all.

Our Process

Step 1

This is where the relationship begins. The MyChef KC personal chef meets with the client, discussing who they’ll be cooking for, their dietary needs, and—best of all—what kind of food they truly love to eat!

Step 2

On the designated meal prep day, the personal chef picks up any missing/needed ingredients and arrives at the client’s home ready to cook. During the next 3 to 4 hours, the personal chef creates and packages the meals per the client’s needs.


Step 3

When the meals are prepped and packaged how the client needs, the MyChef KC personal chef finishes cleanup, and the client is ready to enjoy delicious, nutritious meals whenever they want them.


Culinary Insights

Check out our blog for recipes and cooking tips, real examples of what we’ve been creating for our clients, and more chef-selected tasty tidbits of savory kitchen savvy.

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