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Family Dinners Are Back, With Meal Prep Service in Kansas City

Research shows that frequent family dinners help kids grow up with better self-confidence, improved school performance, and overall better well-being.

However, when you don’t have time to cook those meals, MyChef KC helps you prep for dinnertime success—one forkful at a time.

Benefits of Family Meal Prep



With after-school events, before-school practices, and your work schedule, you’re tapped for time. When MyChef KC prepares your family’s dinners, breakfasts, lunches, or snacks, you’ve got more time for family time.

Safe Preparation

Your personal chef not only excels at meal prep service in Kansas City, but they also have the safety training necessary to allow them to cook in a restaurant—and in your kitchen.

Nutritional Needs

Have a special diet you want to try? We cook for that. Have doctors orders for nutrition? We cook for that. Want help with a menu that’s all you? We cook for that too!

What to Expect

Our Process

Personal Consultation

A personal chef comes to your location, where you’ll discuss the details including scheduling, where to shop, menu specifics, and anything else needed for a great experience.

Ingredient Shopping

You don’t have to go to the grocery store—we do that for you! Your personal chef pick ups all the ingredients needed for your meal prep service in Kansas City.

Cooking & Cleaning

At the designated time, your personal chef turns your kitchen into a home restaurant, cooking up delicious meals and nutritional snacks for you to enjoy all week.

Our Recipe for Success

It all starts with a MyChef KC consultation. This 1-on-1 allows your chef to get to know you, your kitchen, and the food you need and love.

About MyChef KC


Customized service built on personal relationships

Having a personal chef is about more than just eating delicious food. It’s about creating a close relationship that proves to be invaluable for everyone involved.

Flexible scheduling to facilitate your routine

Not only do we prepare delicious food for your table, but we do it all on your timetable. From weekly prep to special events, we’ll be there when it’s the right time, every time.

Hand-picked chefs committed to delivering the best

We choose our chefs based on their skills in the kitchen and with our customers. Every chef is service-first, making sure your experience is personalized and perfect.

Relax, Dinner's On Us

Contact us today, and let's talk about how MyChef KC can provide meal prep services in Kansas City exactly how you like it!

Say Hello to Our Team

Meet the team that meets your foodie expectations! All of our chefs are either certified in both Kansas and Missouri as food handlers or are graduates of the ServSafe Certification course for industry professionals.

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